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c) The GATT-benefiting country principle stipulated that preferential trade agreements with one country should be extended to other countries. 9. The Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) agreement is managed by: d) The WTO was able, in its agreements, to cover the direct taxation policy of member states. Question 5: Among the following categories of agricultural subsidies, which are allowed under the WTO? 9. The Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) agreement is managed by: a) World Bank (WB) b) United Nations (UN) (c) World Trade Organization (WTO) d) Conference of Nations United Nations Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Declaration: GATT members signed an agreement during the Uruguay Round of April 1994 and the WTO was established on 1 January 1995. The World Trade Organization helps facilitate this trade by providing a framework for the negotiation of various trade agreements. It also offers a settlement of disputes that may arise between trade nations covered by WTO agreements. The EU`s accession to the EU, which prompted an agreement on the Lomé Convention? Which state negotiated and signed an association agreement with the EU, but decided not to sign it at the end of 2013? Question 1: The Most Favoured Nation (MFN) clause under the WTO Regulation is based on the principle of question 7: consider the following statements regarding the Special Safeguard Mechanism (SSM) under the WTO: (a) India`s participation in the International Monetary Fund is 10%. . Below are some of the multiple-choice questions and answers to the WTO that will help students prepare for different university and competitive exams. 4.

Which of these institutions is not part of the World Bank Community? Statement: As of July 2016, there were 164 WTO members. At the 10th Ministerial Conference, 17 December 2015 in Nairobi, Kenya; two new members have been added. Liberia (163rd) and Afghanistan (164th). 5. With the World Bank and ———————- the WTO is the third largest global economic pillar. Which of the following options is not the WTO`s objective? (a) Improving the balance-of-payments situation of Member States b) improving the standard of living of the peoples of the Member States (d) the enlargement of the production and trade of goods Question 8: Match list I with List II and selection of the appropriate response using the following codes: Uruguay-GATT Round ensured the creation of the World Trade Organisation (WTO). This set of 10 questions based on the World Trade Organization. We explained the questions for the comfort of the students. We are optimistic that this package will be very useful for the success of all aspirants preparing for competition audits such as IAS/PCS/RO/SSC, etc. How was the Cotonou agreement different from the Lomé agreement? (a) International Monetary Fund (IMF) b) International Economic Association (IEA) c) International Financing Organization (IFO) (d) International Development Bank (STD) .

(d) The WTO was officially formed on 1 January 1991. D) United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Choose the appropriate response using the following codes: Question 2: Among the following objectives, what were the objectives of the creation of the World Trade Organization (WTO)? . . . This is true or false: since the establishment of the WTO, the use of litigation has decreased considerably. Explanation: the exchange rate management body is not linked to the WTO, while other bodies are closely linked to the WTO. c) Differential treatment between indigenous and foreign (A) IMF and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD).

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