What Do You Call A Legal Agreement

Personal material property: All land except land and buildings that may be physically affected, such as furniture, jewelry, cars and clothing. Real estate such as shares and bank accounts are not included, as what can be used for these items is only a piece of paper that constitutes actual ownership. In summary, all types of land are “real estate” land and buildings; “personal property”: any other property; “material personal property,” an object likely to be affected. Temporary custody: the temporary grant of custody of a child to a parent until the outcome of a separation or divorce action. Common rent: The property of two or more people, each party having an undivided interest in the whole property. This is different from a situation in which each party owns part of the land, for example.B. Tenant: A person who has rented or rented an apartment, a house, land or other real estate. Common tenant: A person who has an unquestionable interest in real or personal property with one or more persons, with no right to survivors. Finish: Come to an end. Completed: completed; At a standstill; Final Testament: A will eliminate the property of a deceased. Testates: a person who dies while leaving a will; the opposite of Intestate. Tester: Someone who has made or made a will (testament).

Tests: issuing a certificate; a statement of conclusion of a court decision (letter) testifying to the official nature of the document (in Latin). Testify as a witness, under oath. The false message is a serious offence known as perjury. Testimony: evidence given under oath by a witness because it is different from the evidence that arises from written documents. Third: 1. Someone who is not directly related to a contract, a deal, a lawsuit, an event, etc., but who may be affected by the outcome of it. 2. Persons other than the plaintiff or defendant who are brought into a case.

Threat: a statement of intent to rape, intimidate or violate another by illegal acts.

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