The specification of the agreement and how it is implemented deviates from the standard are presented here. In the specification, you will find a complete explanation of the XML format. Alternative implementations may interpret the location as “abstract metric position.” The location can therefore be used if the monitoring module expects a different name than the metric to return ratios. The default implementation does not address the elements of creating stress. It should be treated in the proposed domain layer. The type of sport agreement defines a method of terminating an agreement, if authorized, and a number of resource characteristics of .B agreement, such as the context of the contract, the terms and id. The attributes of the agreement are generally defined by the offer of agreements. Properties Services are used to define measurable and available properties that are attributed to a service, z.B. Response time and flow. Below is an example of a valid quality of service in the standard implementation: This WS language guide contains a summary of the specifications. The default implementation does not address the terms of the service`s description and, as such, the service must be provided outside. The implementer can provide additional features that address the terms of service description. For example, the TDS can be filled in by the system with the necessary information about allocated resources and can only be known after the assignment (z.B IP).

A referral refers to a service. Therefore, if it is an external service, it can be referred to as an external service. In this way, the url/identify/what is assigned to a ServiceName attribute. For more information, please see page 20 of the specifications. Step 2 depends on the domain, and it is recommended to add a domain afactory that encapsulanses this workflow, but has a simpler interface. Example: The personalized service is not specified by WS-Agreement and a simple default implementation is provided. For more information, see ConstraintEvaluator in the Developer`s Guide. This attribute defines which party makes the guarantee term commitment.

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