Consensus-Oriented Decision-Making The Codm Model For Facilitating Groups To Widespread Agreement

Are you frustrated by this common challenge called group decision? Consensual decision-making can help! Well written and well organized, keep this book by your side and often refer to it. The groups you belong to work better. — Peggy Holman, author, Engaging Emergence: Turning Upheaval into Opportunity “Tim Hartnetts Book is a one-stop shop for effective collaboration. It offers a simple and skilful seven-step process to help people with different perspectives and experiences agree on results and implementation. This book is in the top 10 textbooks and workbooks of my library. – Laurie McCann, Campus Ombudsman, University of California Santa Cruz Tim Hartnett, Ph.D., is a group mediator, mediator and family therapist. Tim received his Ph.D. in psychology and studied divorce family families. He taught group processes at the John F. Kennedy School. It combined best practices in the areas of professional facilitation, conflict resolution and non-violent communication to develop CODM, a model that can help each group find the across-the-board convergence they need to work well together. Fortunately, the art of guiding groups in decision-making has come a long way in recent decades. There are now ways to make group decisions that are effective and enjoyable for all participants. The Consensus Decision Model (CODM) integrates these advances into a simple and progressive model.

Working groups, organizations, social groups and even families can apply this model and reap the benefits of effective group cooperation. “Dr. Tim Hartnett`s contribution to the world of facilitation and conflict resolution will be a valuable addition to the library of all those who work with or as part of a group. Its consensus decision model covers all aspects of the group decision and illustrates the cooperation applied. The theory of the book is based on practice, which is demonstrated by field examples, including group life situations, boards of directors and work teams. In his presentation of the process and skills, Hartnett contains “shortcuts” so that each group can adapt the model to the nature of the group and the theme in question. It also includes communication skills that are essential for moderators and useful for each member of the group. For “old rabbits” during moderation, Hartnett offers a precious refreshment with some new folds. For future moderators, it offers a clear overview and an invaluable guide. And for groups looking for a cooperative approach, it gives a must to applied cooperation. – Gary Harper, author of The Joy of Conflict Resolution Business, Government, Non-Profit, Social and Community Organizations can all benefit from the consensus-oriented Decision-Making. Whether you`re a designated moderator or an active participant, understanding this powerful framework will help you contribute to your group`s success by achieving maximum participation and effectiveness, a clearer decision-making process, better decisions and better group dynamics.

“I am so grateful for the timely publication of this book on our planet. It provides concrete guidance for group wisdom that is revealed in decision-making and that takes into account all parties involved.

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