Glasgow City Council Framework Agreements

The Council is requesting tenders for the provision of advisory services for the creation of four District Regeneration Frameworks (DRF) for Glasgow City Council`s City Centre Regeneration Group. These are the last four EFs for Glasgow city centre, and refer to the following areas: Cowcaddens, Learning Quarter, Townhead and Merchant City. This commission is looking for a chief advisor, assisted by a multidisciplinary advisory team, to develop and produce these RFDs. Glasgow is a large city in the UK and makes a powerful contribution to the Scottish economy, with annual output of around $13 billion, supporting more than 400,000 jobs. Glasgow is the growing economic, commercial and cultural heart of one of the UK`s major metropolitan areas. Freedom of Information Act – information on the BFI Act will be included in ItT Schedule A. Bidders must take note of the impact of this legislation and ensure that all information that the Commission wishes to retain is explicitly stated on the FOI certificate (the Commission does not undertake to withhold it). Bidders must complete the FOI certificate in the ITT phase. A live market register from the Commission is attached below: Prompt Payment – The successful bidder must demonstrate, as a precondition for the award of the offer to the Commission`s satisfaction, that all funds due to the bidder`s approved subcontractors for this work are paid on time and that the minimum invoices are paid by the subcontractors (unless the bidder has been formally acted) within 30 days of receipt. This condition is also imposed by the successful bidder on its subcontractors for payments that can be paid to subcontractors. Applicants must complete the payment certificate. A framework for the procurement process is being developed, which is expected to take place at the end of 2018 with the allocation of suppliers for this framework. Further concrete contracting opportunities will begin in early 2019 and continue for a period of four years.

Glasgow City Council (hereafter the City Council) must, as soon as possible after the decision, inform all bidders and candidates in writing of its decision to award, conclude the framework agreement or implement a dynamic acquisition system. The Commission must allow a period of at least 15 days (if the notice is sent by fax or electronic) of 10 days at the end of the 10th day following the day of the last notification to be sent until another date of transmission, i.e. the date of sending the notification under the Public Procurement Regulation (Scotland) 2015 (regulations)). The Commission is required to comply with the rules and any licensed economic operator may bring an action before the Sherriff Court or the Court of Justice if it suffers or is at risk of loss or injury as a result of a Commission violation. The initiation of legal proceedings during the status quo period means that the Commission cannot conclude the contract, conclude the framework agreement or implement the dynamic acquisition system, unless the procedure is decided, abandoned or surrendered: or if the court terminates the prohibition by way of reference. The opening of legal proceedings at the end of the status quo period and the remedies available to the courts are listed in the regulations. Operators may request in writing the Commission to provide further details on the communication to which the Commission must respond within 15 days. Economic operators should ensure that they obtain their own independent legal advice if they deem it appropriate. The Commission will seek key contractors capable of providing all the elements necessary for the construction, repair and maintenance of public projects, including: as part of the tendering process, organisations interested in a tender are invited to participate in a market loyalty questionnaire, which will provide information on the evolution of the procurement framework for this work.

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