Rmit Wil Placement Agreement

Some partner organizations have vaccination requirements that you must meet in order to perform health care activities (for example. B clinical internships in the health field). Sometimes placements outside Australia require vaccines and other medical precautions. If your internship is to be paid, you must receive at least the minimum wage, as indicated by the Fair Work Australia Ombudsman. See Fair Work`s Minimum Factsheet. Before you start your internship or project, your WIL coordinator will inform you of all the procedures specific to absenteeism. You may be absent due to illness, a care obligation (anything that prevents you from participating in your internship or project). Ideally, an internship leads directly to employment in your organization, opens a career to students and expands your professional network. Students benefit from a maximum number of hours of unpaid internships, which are covered by RMIT insurance policies. These vary between 80 and 200 hours, depending on the requirements of the student`s program, and unpaid hours cannot be extended. Investment hours can be divided into blocks or part-time. You and the student can negotiate a work plan that is acceptable to both parties.

If your internship or project is not paid for, you must ensure that you are not working more hours than expected. It`s illegal and you won`t be insured – if you need to change your program, contact your WIL coordinator. You are not legally obligated to share the nature of your situation with other university staff. However, it is highly recommended that if you think your condition could create a risk for yourself or others during the placement or project, you should discuss these potential effects with ELS and/or if you are comfortable, the WIL coordinator. The InPlace student portal allows RMIT students to check the details of the WIL activities assigned to them, or to provide details of a self-watered internship or project or authorization to the WIL coordinator. 4. It is recommended that you register with Equitable Learning Services (ELS) because ELS can help you see how your conditions can affect your intermediation or project. RMIT WIL rankings can be paid without pay, at nominal prices, premium rates or more. Keep in mind that a student pays a course fee and may have to suspend other paid work to complete the internship. Ask if a student can receive a scholarship or a travel and meal allowance to cover some of the costs associated with their internship.

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