Wells Fargo Ach Authorization Agreement

The rules for accepting ACH payments are governed by the NACHA. Obtaining an appropriate ACH authorization to process an ACH payment protects your business from litigation. Businesses that accept payments through a current account or savings account (i.e. ACH) must obtain a signed agreement (ACH authorization) authorizing the charge or repayment of a customer`s or business`s bank account. The ACH authorization must be signed before the ACH transaction and the signed ACH authorization must remain in the file for at least two years. If you would like to collect a copy of the ACH authorization form on paper, we have provided a release form below. An ACH authorization form generally states that if a customer enters line with an ACH transaction and no authorization form has been obtained, the company may lose its disagreement. In accordance with payment rules, there are a few other reasons why a customer can challenge an ACH transaction: Instructions to update the disclaimer for PayJunction supporting documents: all PayJunction supporting documents contain the majority of the information required to obtain an ACH authorization form. We recommend that you add an additional language to the exclusion of the reception in order to comply with the guidelines of the ACH authorization form. The signature on the ACH receipt can be used as a backup if no ACH authorization is obtained.

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