What Is The Collective Agreement For Teaching Staff In Ges

10.1 Transportation is done according to power and system. 10.2 Determining the right to promote an individual must take into account qualification, experience, effectiveness, seniority, sense of responsibility, initiative, general behaviour and, where appropriate, leadership and expression powers, as well as the need to participate in continuing education. 10.3 Relevant teachings and recognized continuing education periods are understood for promotional purposes, provided they are proven to be proven. 10.4 The promotion is carried out on the recommendation of the Director-General to the Council. 10.5 To the extent that vacancies are achievable at the management level, promotion must be filled within the department. These positions are subject to an internal tender and are open to all workers with the required qualifications and experience, which can be determined from time to time. Any party may, at any time after 12 months from the date of this Agreement and twice during the duration of the agreement, notify in writing that it wishes to negotiate a change in the rate of pay or any other issue affecting the terms of service. “A joint bargaining committee, made up of the Ghana Teachers` Unions and the Ghana Training Service, on the one hand, and the Ghana Training Service, on the other hand, negotiates and agrees on the terms of service, the service system and professional practices for teachers in the Ghana Education Service, in accordance with Sections 99 and 102 of the Labour Act. , 2003 (Law 651) 3.5. 3.6 Any position currently contained in the negotiated unit is not excluded from the negotiated unit without the mutual agreement of the parties. 3.7 It was also agreed that this document is a living document, and the fact that certain conditions are being reduced to the letter does not remove the responsibility of any of the parties to meet with the other party to discuss and negotiate matters that do not explicitly fall within that agreement, but which fall within the scope and intent of collective bargaining. A collective agreement includes the terms and conditions of employment of a specific working class and can be concluded between unions on the one hand and representatives of one or more employers` employers or organizations on the other. The objective of this agreement is to determine the remuneration and method of calculating employee compensation, notice, transfer and discipline, the principle of adapting remuneration to productivity, hours of work and other conditions and rules of employment.

i. “collaborators” in this document, anyone subject to the jurisdiction of the Ghana Education Service Council or appointed under Ghana`s Education Act 506, 1995.

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